General Mumble - Wasting My Time (feat ʝennifur)

A duet thing with ~the babu~, written by myself and the babu.

Lyrics in Youtube description



Stupid idiot baby


Stupid idiot baby

Hopefully the conversation hasn't become uninteresting, but I wanted to know your thoughts on the Onion's study on Synesthesia. If you haven't seen it, you should be able to find it just by searching "The onion synesthesia" or something like that, as it seems I am unable to put a link in.

I’ll look it up if I can remember or find time!

I'm sorry, this is the last question because I'm sure they're annoying. Is there any way to describe what you generally see whenever you listen to a song? As in whenever I get bored and try to visualize music, it always winds up being kindof a cross between the windows visualizer, an RTA, and that one scene in Ratatouille; just more complex and 3d.

It could be anything really, but more often it’s waveforms (that may very well be inaccurate), shapes, windows visualiser kinda stuff, often set to a scene or backdrop. Instruments too, but I don’t think that’s synesthesia, I think anyone listening to a guitar is going to see a guitar in their head.

i dont know if this is a good time to ask, but any way :D what song did you use in the [ALBUM RELEASE] General Mumble - Hemikrania video (i dont hear that song on the album)

That’s the latter half of “Your Method To Madness Ratio is a Little Off”



General Mumble - Songs About The Pink One (and others) CD RELEASE

Limited edition hella-rad 6-panel digipak CD edition of Songs About The Pink One (and others) now available for purchase. Ships worldwide (but please read the in-store description regarding dates!).

Support is greatly appreciated, be it a purchase, reblog, or both!

Thanks to all those who purchased and sold out Hemikrania on CD aswell, it really gave me the confidence to keep investing in products like this!

Also, suggestions on where to sign these? I didn’t really consider that at all when designing, hah.


I did NOT realise this had so many notes wow thank you

but regardless, nighttime reblog <3

UPDATE: I’m going to be signing and pre-packing these before my vacation, and having someone else send them out as I get orders, so it’s no longer a problem to order after Thursday the 24th, the order will still be shipped ASAP regardless of purchase date.

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